RA6M3 Evaluation Board
ARM Cortex-M4 @ 120 MHz

M13design RA6M3-EK is a complete evaluation and development platform for the Renesas Electronics® based RA6M3 Cortex®-M4 R7FA6M3AH3CFC microcontroller. The many hardware features on the board helps users to quickly evaluate all the available peripherals (10/100-Mbit Ethernet, microSDTM card, USB host/device, Audio codec with 4-pole Jack, SDRAM, Quad-SPI Flash memory, 4.3-inch colour LCD-TFT with capacitive touch panel, and many others) and to develop their custom applications. PMOD™ and mikroBUS™ connectors make it possible to easily extent the boards features (Sensors, communication and network modules and many more). The integrated JLink-OB debug probe provides in-circuit debug and programming for the RA6M3 device and also a built-in VCOM functionality.

Main Features


  • ARM Cortex-M4 Core @ 120 MHz
  • LQFP176 Package
  • 2 MByte Code Flash, 640 KByte SRAM
  • Secure Crypto Engine (SCE7)


  • 32 MByte External QSPI Flash
  • 16 Kbit I2C EEPROM
  • 32 MByte SDRAM (soldered on the board but by default disconnected from the RA6M3)
  • microSD Interface


  • Onboard 4.3-inch 480x272 TFT LCD
  • Capacitive Touch Panel
  • 8/10-bit Camera Interface


  • Ethernet (RMII and PHY)
  • 2 x USB connector (Host/Device)


  • Onboard Debugger J-Link-OB™ (SWD/JTAG)
  • Virtual COM Port


  • Audio Codec with 4 pole 3.5mm Headphone Connector
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • 3 x User LEDs
  • 2 x User Switch
  • 1 x Reset Switch


  • 2 x Digilent PMOD™ Interface
  • 1 x mikroBUS™ Interface

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionIn StockUnit PriceBuy
M13-RA6M3-EKDefault RA6M3 Evaluation Kit
On-board SDRAM disconnected
239.00 EUR
M13-RA6M3-EK-SDRAMSDRAM Ready RA6M3 Evaluation Kit
On-board SDRAM connected
259.00 EUR

All sales related inquiries (webshop, custom quotation) are handled by our sales partner Cynetis Embedded.

Please refer to the comparison table below for selecting the right version:

FeaturesDefault version
SDRAM Ready version
32 MByte external SDRAM
32 MByte external Serial Flash
4.3-inch 480x272 TFT LCD with capacitive touch panel
USB Interface
LAN Interface
SD/MMC Host Interface (4 bits)
I2S Audio codec
3-Axis accelerometer
8-bit Interface camera
microSD card Interface
User switch and Reset switch
Mono-turn 10KΩ Potentiometer
User LEDs & Power-on LED

Please note that the “Default” and the “SDRAM Ready” board versions are factory pre-soldered with the shunts described in the user manual. You are free to switch from either configuration manually if needed. M13design of course will not be held responsible if the board is damaged during this process


Document TitleDescriptionFormatSizeDate
M13-RA6M3-EK DatasheetDatasheetPDF462 KBDec. 16 2021
M13-RA6M3-EK User ManualUser ManualPDF3.2 MBDec. 16 2021
M13-RA6M3-EK SchematicSchematicPDF241 KBMar. 02 2021
M13-RA6M3-EK PCB LayoutPCB LayoutPDF2.2 MBFeb. 26 2021
M13-RA6M3-EK BOMBill of MaterialXLSX22 KBFeb. 26 2021


Document TitleDescriptionFormatSizeDate
M13-RA6M3-EK HTTP Server DemoProject demonstrating the board's Ethernet connectivity using Oryx CycloneTCP TCP/IP stackZIP1.9 MBJul. 16 2021
M13-RA6M3-EK HTTP Server Demo Application NoteApplication Note for http_server_demo projectPDF1.2 MBJul. 16 2021
M13-RA6M3-EK cam lcd streaming DemoProject demonstrating the board's camera interface live streamed on its LCD screenZIP1.2 MBSep. 6 2022
M13-RA6M3-EK cam lcd streaming Application NoteApplication Note for cam_lcd_streaming projectPDF1.2 MBSep. 6 2022
Guiliani RA SDK With M13-RA6M3-EKLink to Guiliani RA SDK With M13-RA6M3-EK Evaluation Board KitLinkN/AOct. 13 2022

Hardware Partners

RenesasMCU & MPU, Power deviceRenesas provides for the M13-RA6M3-EK board the R7FA6M3AH3CFC (RA6M3 Cortex-M4 MCU) and the DC/DC devices for generating the 3.3V, 1.8V power rails. Respectively the ISL80030AFRZ-T7A and the ISL80020AFRZ-T7A. Renesas also provides the Backlight driver ISL88002IH29Z-TK for the on-board LCD.
Wurth ElectronikConnectors, IC, InductorsWurth Elektronik provides most of the connectors on the M13-RA6M3-EK board as listed thereafter : The USB connectors, the RJ45, the SD Card, all the FFC/FPC connectors and all the male and female pinheaders. They also provide the 32.678KHz, 24Mhz, 25MHz crystals. In addition, the board is equiped with Wurth Electronik latest accelerometer, the WSEN-ITDS 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor.


Debug ProbesSEGGER provide for this board their "On Board" Debugger the J-link OB used for JTAG and SWD communication. A Virtual COM is also available through this hardware feature.

Software Partners

Oryx EmbeddedTCP/IP stack, SSL/TLS & SSH encryptionOryx Embedded offers a complete range of networking solutions for embedded systems, making the Internet of Things a reality. Their portfolio includes professional-grade TCP/IP components as well as SSL/TLS & SSH encryption to make your communications safe and secure.
GuilianiGraphical User Interface Framework for embedded systemsTES Electronic Solutions GmbH is an innovative technology and design services company offering intellectual properties (IP), embedded hard- and software for a vast range of customers in global markets, such as in industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, as well as in semiconductors. Key capabilities include embedded software, graphics, RF & antenna, radar, mixed-signal and digital ASIC and FPGA designs.