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Computer graphics on embedded systems
Echterdingen, Germany
Main product
Guiliani, Graphical User Interface Framework

with M13design

Since 2021

Guiliani from TES Electronic Solutions GmbH is one of our latest software partners which enable our products to show their full potential in terms of Graphical User Interfaces. Guiliani is a powerful software framework for quick and intuitive creation of visually appealing graphical user interfaces on embedded systems for all embedded engineers.

About Guiliani / TES

TES Electronic Solutions GmbH is an innovative technology and design services company offering intellectual properties (IP), embedded hard- and software for a vast range of customers in global markets, such as in industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, as well as in semiconductors. Key capabilities include embedded software, graphics, RF & antenna, radar, mixed-signal and digital ASIC and FPGA designs. Guiliani is a modern, powerful, intuitive and innovative C++ software framework for creating stylish Graphical User Interfaces on every embedded hardware. It is supported by best-in-class engineering services and time-proven in many millions of embedded systems. It is uniquely scalable and customizable to meet even demanding technical requirements. And it is also offered with flexible licensing to meet your commercial needs as well

Tes Electronic Solutions

M13design evaluation boards which use Guiliani