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Distributor of Embedded Systems & Dev. Tools
Paris, France
Main Products
IDE/Compilers, Debug tools, Middleware, SBCs, Evaluation boards

with M13design

Since 2015

Cynetis Embedded is our main distributor. By providing M13design evaluation kits and complementary products like debug tools, RTOS or middleware, Cynetis offers professional solutions and services for a faster start of your embedded projects.

About Cynetis Embedded

Cynetis offers complete solutions for the development of embedded software and real-time applications applications based on single or multi-core architecture. They are particularly active in the microcontroller market (ARM Cortex-M MCU) with professional development tools, software bricks (RTOS, TCP/IP, TLS, SSH, Crypto, Bootloader...) and ready-to-use hardware solutions (evaluation boards, SBCs, SoM modules, Panel PCs).

Oryx CycloneTCP

M13design evaluation boards available on Cynetis Webshop